Título: Sin cielo

Director: Jianna Maarten.
Guión: Jianna Maarten Saada.
Productor: Daria Suvorova.
Intérpretes: Memo: David Gurrola Delia: Fenessa Pineda Josefa: Sophia Santi Veronica: Karen Sours Albisua Ana: Va.
País de producción: Estados Unidos.

Sinopsis:  Memo, 15, does odd jobs with his best friend for the local gang faction. He’s got a rather noticeable crush on Delia, 16 and into all things computer, anime, and moving out of her small town. The two start to form a bond and Delia agrees to let him walk her to school. But as fate would have it, he oversleeps and gets to Delia’s house too late. She’s already been kidnapped by the unknown ‘they’ in a black unmarked car. Thus begins the descent into a surreal reality of life ‘without heaven’ against those who do not exist.

Duración: 25′

Categoría: Corto Ficción