Título: Safsata ou sophisma

Director: Abdou Mesnaoui.
Guión: Abdou Mesnaoui.
Productor: Rgaguena Abdelkebir.
Intérpretes: Malek  Akhmiss, Ahlam  Charafeddine, Ayoub  Merouane.
País de producción: Marruecos.

Sinopsis:  Does the education we receive at school shape our world view and way of life? Does it help us live in harmony with our society or, on the contrary, it brings about doubt to our minds? If this is the case, what would be the outcome then? Omar, a young man, seems to undergo anxiety and instability. After many years, he meets his former philosophy teacher, Amal, in a café in the médina (old town). He suggests a meeting in their old school. Once there, the meeting turns up into a harsh judgmental situation as he forces her to give him back his innocence, simple-mindedness and even stupidity. He wants to become the one he used to be before taking the philosophy classes which filled his adolescent mind with doubts and existential questioning of life and death. Will he manage to redeem this innocence?

Duración: 15′

Categoría: Corto Ficción